What is a Mezinka dance and other Horas

The Mezinka (Mezinke) tradition during a Jewish wedding reception is honoring the parents who have just married off their last child.

It consists of a different type of circle dance where the parents are seated on chairs in the middle of the dance floor. The bride and groom stand by their side and present their parents by crowning them with flower crowns*.

The guests create a circle and dance around them. They first start a line and kiss each of the parents saying “Mazel Tov” and the circle formation begins.

There is specific music written for the Mezinka (Mezinke) and it usually starts out slow then the tempo speeds up in a joyful celebration.

*Flower crowns are similar to Flower girl headpieces. A circle of flowers attached with different lengths of ribbon hang down in the back. Mother and father are both crowned.


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